August - October 2019

Longship Brewery is inviting amateur brewers to enlist in a competition for and giving them the chance to brew on our commercial system! Longship's founder Dan Jachimowicz was a long-time homebrewer before starting the brewery, and loves to work with craft beer hobbyists at all levels.​

  • Competition Beer Style: English-style Mild 

    • Read up on the style guidelines here.

  • Registration Deadline: August 10

  • Submission Deadline: October 6

  • Winner Announced: October 8

The entries will be judged blindly by Longship staff. The winner will be announced on October 8.

  • Competition Rules:

    • Must be an amateur brewer

    • Must be made with your own equipment

    • Adjuncts or additional flavors are okay

    • Need to submit a minimum of 44 ounces of your beer

    • Entrants must be 21+ 

TO ENROLL IN THE COMPETITION, please send completed form to Dan at Dan@longshipbrewery.com.


Winning this competition will earn you the chance to work with Longship Brewery to create a variation of your recipe and brew it on a large scale!​

Please submit your competition beer with a signed Competition Submission Form (below).

Submission Form