Beer week events and releases!

Hello everyone. We are excited about being part of our first San Diego Beer Week. To celebrate we are having special releases all week. These are all 5 gallon batches that are only available for a very limited time.

Tuesday 11/8

In addition to our weekly trivia nights, it is election night. We we are giving out a free pint of your choice if you come in with your "I Voted" sticker. We will also be showing election coverage. Just because it is an important event doesn't mean that we can't have fun. So go vote and come in to get your free beer.

Wednesday 11/9

Our first special release is Vanirs' Blessing, a cranberry, chocolate, almond, oatmeal brown. In Norse mythology, the Vanirs were a group of gods associated with fertility and plenty. This flavorful and complex beer is our salute to the fall harvest and to a great first few months. Almost a sour due to the cranberry tartness, there are a lot of different flavors that come together to create a unique drinking experience.

Thursday 11/10

Our second special release is our very own pumpkin ale. Made with a lot of real pumpkin and spices, this bright orange beer showcases the pumpkin flavor without any vegetable flavors. Paired with its spices, it is a pleasure to drink.

Additionally, you can come and visit us at The New Kids festival, welcoming San Diego's newest breweries and distilleries.

Friday 11/11

Finishing off beer week, we a re releasing our collaboration with Carver, Coal, and Barrel BBQ. Using the dry rub used in the smoked tri-tip, we have created a smoked bbq porter, named Funeral Pyre. Flavorful, yet not overwhelming, this beer pairs perfectly with the smoked tri-tip that will be available on that day. This is, absolutely, a must try.

So come join us throughout the week for your chance to try three unique and amazing beers, available only for San Diego Beer Week.

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