Get Ready for Shieldwall! (West Coast-style IPA)

Our latest voyage in craft beer exploration led us to create our new West Coast-style IPA. We took a look at the Longship draft board and decided to add a traditional West Coast style IPA to our collection.

This hop-forward, tropical gem is a perfect batch of beer for the hopheads that walk through our tasting room doors every day. In true Longship form, we explored daring new flavor combinations which resulted in a unique and perfectly balanced IPA that boasts tropical fruit aroma and citrusy flavors of Galena and Topaz hops.

West Coast-style IPAs are typically focused on the expression of hop aroma and flavor. They tend to have a very noticeable hop aroma when smelling the beer (smell is 90% of taste after all) and a strong hop flavor and lingering bitter aftertaste.

What makes it a “West Coast” style is the type of hops. Whereas East Coast IPAs are slightly more balanced with malt sweetness and use floral hops, a traditional West Coast IPA will taste more bitter from substantial additions of tropical and citrus hops.

Like all Longship beers, our West Coast-style IPA is perfectly balanced so that the hoppiness of the beer doesn’t overwhelm the palate but still provides a lingering bitterness and a clean finish.

We invite you to come on this fantastic flavor journey with us and pull up a chair at our tasting room where our friendly staff are ready and waiting to pour you a pint of this hoppy liquid. We look forward to serving you!


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