Meet Chuck

If you’ve been to Longship before, chances are you had a wonderful encounter with our Assistant Brewer, Chuck. He has been here since before we first opened our doors (he started on June 22, 2016) and as a staple employee, he is part of the charm that comes with paying a visit to our tasting room. Chuck is a former Aviation Life Support Systems Technician in the United States Marine Corps, and has dabbled in all sorts of trades including tech support, electrician, woodworking, plumbing and more.

He is a key team member for every brew we do, and a great asset to have behind the bar and behind the scenes. Chuck is our “one-of-a-kind-handyman-Mr.-Fix-It-Jack-of-all-trades” and we want to celebrate his one-year milestone by sharing a little more about the man himself!

Read on to get to know Chuck.

  • How did you get started with Longship Brewery?

  • I met Dan (Longship’s Owner) through a mutual connection and found out he needed a brewer to help out with his new brewery. We met up for a couple of beers to talk things over and scheduled a trial brew day together. On my first visit to Longship we brewed the Battle of Leuven witbier we had on tap for the opening. Two weeks later, he hired me and I have been brewing with him ever since. I have had a hand in every beer in one way or another since day one. Before that, I had been home brewing for nearly 5 years. I have my own custom system that I built. I don’t stick to any particular style with my home brewing and I’ll make anything - Browns, IPAs, Stouts - everything.

  • Is there a beer you are most proud of?

  • Ragnabock for sure. That’s the Doppelbock we won a medal with in the first competition we entered in which is very cool. It’s a great beer that most people wouldn’t typically go for but end up being pleasantly surprised with

  • What is your favorite Longship beer to drink and why?

  • The Leif Lager, our Vienna Lager. It’s my go-to. I like the style, and I think we did a good job on it. It’s a great beer to crack open on the weekends and sit back and enjoy. It’s got a nice sweetness from the Vienna malt and a great hop profile as well to make it flavorful. The Shieldwall (West Coast IPA) is definitely becoming one that I love so that may take its place soon

  • What is your favorite part about working at Longship?

  • My favorite part about working at Longship is serving the beers and watching people’s reactions to the work that I do. That’s why I started brewing to begin with. It’s nice to make something that people enjoy.

  • What beer or event coming up are you looking forward to the most?

  • I’m looking forward to our one-year anniversary on July 1st – that’s going to be a fun event and a time to celebrate the last year of work. I’m also looking forward to releasing our upcoming Gose which we just finished. I like sours and we get a lot of requests for kettle sours so it’s nice to fill that request from our guests. Plus, it’s a sour, which we've never brewed before so that’s exciting. We haven’t practiced it before and we’re using using the whole big system for it which is a bold move but I’m confident in the recipe and really looking forward to how it turns out.

Chuck is a man of many talents and a great person to chat with. Stop by the Longship Brewery tasting room soon to meet Chuck and get a little taste of what we’re all about. He’ll greet you with a bearded smile and a cold beer.


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