Longship Brewery Pale Ale Series - UPDATED AGAIN!

At Longship Brewery, we fearlessly brew bold new flavor combinations and look for brilliant new takes on a wide offering of beer styles. In pursuit of hoppy treasures, we launched a new series of delightful Pale Ales specifically designed to highlight unique and exciting hop combinations.

The first in this line of new Pale Ales (all to be titled Odinson) is Odinson #1 - an earthy and floral Pale Ale with a note of citrus that ties all the flavors together.

Odinson #1 is characterized by its two standout hop additions: Mt. Hood and Nugget. These hops play nicely together to create a robust Pale Ale that creates a well-balanced flavor profile including floral, citrus, bitterness and a finishing sweetness. The third hop in our primary pale ale series is Santiam - an aroma hop from Oregon that contributes to the floral theme and offers a slight spiciness. The beer also has a great head retention and nice carbonation for optimal mouthfeel.

Odinson #2: Building off of the same malt bill and recipe of Odinson #1, the second in the series will offer unique flavors from the four different hop varieties we'll be adding. The hops used in Odinson #2 are Glacier, Northern Brewer, Sterling and Vanguard. Together, these different hops will impart woody, piney, and cedar aromas to brew #2!

Listen to Longship Brewery owner Dan explain it in more detail:


We're taking it back to the classics this time! Odinson #3 is loaded down with old-school hops like Cascade, Centennial and Cluster that give this beer a familiar taste! Building off of the same malt bill as the first two recipes, this beer takes that same flavor profile you've come to love and loads it up with hops San Diego palates have adored for decades.

Get ready for the latest iteration of this awesome rotating hop Pale Ale series!!


Longship Brewery is committed to creating unique and quality craft beer, and this new Pale Ale series is another way to voyage on.

We praise the gods for releasing Odin's many sons to our world and for helping us to create the Odinson Pale Ale series. Stop by our tasting room to enjoy a pint today!

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