The Art of the Pilsner

Sunstone Pilsner

Every brewery big and small has a variety of offerings and in San Diego, we love our hops. Anywhere you go, you’re bound to find a menu overstuffed with hoppy beers. At Longship Brewery, we appreciate all styles of beer and value variety. Hoppy or not, dark or light, we love them all. One particular style we love that doesn’t to show up in tasting rooms as often as it should is the time-tested Pilsner. With springtime around the corner, it’s time for Pilsners to shine!

To the average beer drinker, Pilsners might be thought of as low-quality, mass-produced beers from the “big beer” companies. However, when a Pilsner is done right, it can be light, flavorful and a great display of the brewer’s skills.

Pilsners are a classic light style of beer with a very careful balance of flavors. Their light nature make them one of the more difficult styles of beer to brew. The more delicate flavors of the beer, the less places there are for flaws to hide. Other beer styles with stronger flavors, while delicious, are more forgiving to a brewer’s mistakes. Hops and roasty malts can hide certain off flavors, and are often used to do so. This is not a luxury a brewer has with a pilsner.

Longship Brewery’s Sunstone Pilsner [4.9% ABV | 25 IBU] is one great example in San Diego of a light, well-balanced and flawless beer. It has flavor to spare and a very drinkable profile. The Sunstone is a must-try if you are a beer connoisseur who appreciates a variety of styles, are just getting into craft beer, or simply want a light, easy drinking beer to enjoy with warm weather. Yes, we still have fantastic IPAs on the menu at all times, but Longship Brewery is also dedicated to pushing ourselves and our skills to create classic beers with a new twist.

Stop by the tasting room to put your lips on our delicious and technically perfect Pilsner. Explore the world of craft beer with us and always VOYAGE ON!


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