Top-Rated Breweries in San Diego (According to Google)

There are more than 200 breweries and tasting rooms in San Diego County. We'll repeat that for you - there are MORE THAN 200 breweries and tasting rooms in San Diego County alone.

It's true that San Diegans are spoiled with options for amazing craft beer, but with so many choices, it can become difficult to know where the beer is best. Personal experience and word of mouth are always great to go on, but assessing online reviews is a very important aspect of deciding where to spend your hard-earned money. These reviews offer honest information on beer quality, service, atmosphere, fun additional information and photos!


Top 10 Highest-Rated Breweries in San Diego

According to Google reviews, here is a list of the Top 10 Highest-Rated Breweries in San Diego, with a minimum of 100 reviews, ranked in order of star ratings and by total number of reviews.

1. BattleMage Brewing: 4.9 stars; 181 reviews

2. Deft Brewing: 4.9 stars; 111 reviews

3. The Homebrewer: 4.9 stars; 110 reviews

4. California Wild Ales: 4.9 stars; 100 reviews

5. Booze Brothers: 4.8 stars; 209 reviews

6. Mikkeller - Little Italy: 4.8 stars; 179 reviews

7. Indian Joe: 4.8 stars; 169 reviews

8. Eppig Brewing - Waterfront: 4.8 stars; 165 reviews

9. Longship Brewery: 4.8 stars; 162 reviews

10. Kilowatt - Ocean Beach: 4.8 stars; 124 reviews


Honorable Mention (fewer than 100 reviews):

1. Align Brewing: 4.9 stars; 21 reviews

2. Papa Marces Cerveceria: 4.9 stars; 20 reviews

3. Culver Beer Co.: 4.8 stars; 75 reviews

4. Pariah Brewing: 4.8 stars; 70 reviews

5. Arcana Brewing: 4.8 stars; 68 reviews

Bottom line: it's a great time to be a beer fan! Always remember to try new things and explore! If you find a place you like, spread the word and let others know of your wondrous discovery. There's a lot out there and we at Longship Brewery encourage you to Voyage On!


*Disclosure: Updated on October 21, 2019.

New breweries or tap rooms with too few reviews were not considered. Some duplicate Google Business listings were overlooked for those with more reviews. Beer bars, restaurants and brewpubs were not taken into consideration.