Tips for Bringing Your Dog to a Brewery

Breweries and dogs go hand-in-hand! We love our dogs (and our beer) in San Diego - in fact, we are the #4 Most Dog-Friendly City in the U.S., which is why most breweries, including Longship Brewery, are extremely pet-friendly and allow you to bring your best friend along on your beer-seeking adventures!

If you've wanted to include your dog in your outings, but you’re hesitant about leashing up and heading to your favorite craft beer spot, here are some answers to commonly asked questions about bringing your dog to the tasting room, courtesy of the doggie experts at Smiling Dog!

Definitely bring treats for your pup

Yes! Not all locations offer dog treats, so having your pup’s favorite treats and using them to reinforce the behavior you want can help both of you have a great time at the tasting room. Make a game out of it! Is your pup looking at you? Here’s a treat! Settling near you? Here’s a treat! Not barking at other dogs? Here’s a treat! You could also bring your dog’s favorite long-lasting chew to help him settle near you.

Get your pup to settle near you

Bring a mat just for them! Our trainers recommend ½ of a yoga mat. It is light and is easy to transport. If you pair being on the mat with calmness and lots of reinforcement (treats!) then your pup will love hanging out on their mat. No need for nagging to get her to go to (or stay on) the mat, if your pup wanders off, simply lure him or her back onto the mat with a treat and give more treats while on the mat.