The Coziest Fall Beer Styles to Sip On

Mmmm... fall. One of the coziest times of year when temperatures (sort of) start to drop and beer drinkers start scanning past the IPA section on the menu to see what warming seasonals might be a better fit for the changing weather outside.

Even though San Diego pretty much has the same weather year round, it's still a grand tradition to break out darker styles that otherwise might be overlooked throughout the rest of the year. We wanted to pay tribute to these unsung hero beers of fall and put together a little list of beer styles perfect for fall!

It may not get below 60 degrees, but you can certainly feel like America's Finest City has seasons by enjoying some of these styles - cheers!

Fall Beer Styles to Sip On:

  1. Pumpkin Beer - The Pumpkin Spice Latté of the beer world, the Pumpkin Ale is a time-honored tradition for many breweries. And just like pumpkin spice things, pumpkin beers are something we look forward to as fall approaches and easily get over quickly. When on the lookout for Pumpkin Beer, you can expect it to come with actual pumpkin, or just the typical pumpkin spices (clove, cinnamon and nutmeg). This specialty beer is characterized in many ways, making it uniquely difficult to ascribe to a single category. Beer drinkers can expect a range of light to dark beer with varying spice levels, usually a pronounced maltiness and a wide range of alcohol levels from sessionable to strong. With so much unpredictability, f you find one you like, stick to it!

  2. Oktoberfest - The original fall beer. Oktoberfest is celebrated in late September, right around the time fall kicks off, making the festbier the OG signal that fall has arrived and beer styles are changing from lighter and lower ABV to darker, maltier and typically higher ABV. The first Oktoberfest beers were called märzens, or March, for what time of year they were brewed. These beers were made to last longer once the time for making lighter beers of spring and summer were no longer available, as these styles could be stored for longer periods of time. Most breweries in the U.S. continue this centuries-old beer making tradition, so it's safe to say there is no shortage of this beer in fall. According to All About Beer Magazine, beer drinkers can expect "lightly toasted, spicy malt flavors, medium body and the signature clean lagerbier palate. The bright, glowing golden and copper-orange hues are a colorful metaphor of the palette of fall landscapes."

  3. Brown Ale - A more standard approach but certainly a style that embodies the flavor of fall. The American Brown Ale has a deep copper to dark brown color, giving away its key features of roasted malts providing caramel or chocolate flavor characteristics balanced out nicely with a medium hop flavor and pretty high hop bitterness. Around fall be on the lookout for Nut Browns or Brown Ales infused with spices. Looking for a great brown ale to try this fall? Try our Battle Axe Brown Ale - well-balanced, warm, smooth, and biscuity, with notes of caramel.

  1. Red Ale - The sexy cousin of Brown Ales, Red Ales are similar in their approach but differ with lower levels of bitterness and of course their signature amber/red color. Red Ales have a characteristic caramel sweetness that comes through stronger than a brown ale and a toasted barley smoothness throughout. One of our most popular beers year-round and the perfect way to welcome fall is our Eric the Red, Red Ale. Slightly sweet, with bread-like flavors and a floral hop aroma to balance everything out.

These four styles are just a few of our seasonal favorites and we have plenty of malty beers to help you welcome the new season - check out our beer list here.

We invite you to embrace a malty beer and join us on our craft beer voyage. SKOL!

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