Keep an Open Glass

Longship Brewery has always strived to push the boundaries of craft beer and sometimes

rediscover lost styles to reinvigorate the passion of craft beer. Early in 2020 we were fortunate enough

to partner with our friends at Boss Bird Kitchen, another small and local business. They presented us

with a challenge, they wanted a house malt liquor. Never one to shy away from such a challenge, we

said “why not?”

The Boss Bird challenge was accepted and our brew team got to work researching, creating, brewing a craft malt liquor with fantastic results. From our findings, a malt liquor is simply a light bodied lager with very low hops and

high alcohol content. There are some adjuncts that add to the complexity, but the goal is to (as always)

create a clean tasting, drinkable beer

When we announced The Boss Bird, we were met with hesitance. Honestly, that is understandable. We have all had our early experiences with cheap malt liquors from macro brewers that left a literal foul taste in our mouths. However, the very same thing can be said about the light lagers that have been growing in popularity among craft brewers and craft beer drinkers once the craft side of the industry started offering them. The wariness was to the point that we have even been asked “Is this even good?” (Yes. Yes, it is.) Simply put, everyone who has tried the malt liquor, a light, crisp

lager with high alcohol, has enjoyed it.

Where would we be with our grand selection of beer if we all were this hesitant. True, you may

not like it in the end, but that can even be said about some entries in your favorite style. I say trust your

brewer. We are craft, not macro. Collectively, craft brewers have work to improve, rejuvenate, and

elevate beer in all its forms. We have taken every style and refined them to a new level of excellence. It

is just what we do. Why would a malt liquor be any different?

So remember, keep an open mind and an open glass to new ideas and rediscoveries. You may

just be pleasantly surprised.

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