Meet Ryan #1

At Longship Brewery, there is a 100% chance Ryan will be behind the bar on any given day - because we have two! We'd like to introduce you to Ryan #1 - our first Ryan at Longship Brewery who currently acts as our Events Manager.

Meet Ryan!

Name: Ryan Celeste

Occupation: Events Manager / Beer Nerd / First Employed Ryan

Relationship with Beer:

In college, I lived four miles away from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. I started drinking their pale ale which led me to drinking different kinds of beers from them and experimenting with new styles. It was that first encounter with Sierra Nevada that really fueled my passion for beer.

Not long after falling in love with beer, I learned that San Diego State University had created a Business of Craft Beer certification program. I was lucky to be enrolled in that program’s first graduating class and ended up with their second level of certification upon graduating. Those classes introduced me to a lot of people in the San Diego craft beer industry. It made me really want to be a part of this industry’s culture and work within this craft we love so much.

How did you end up at Longship?

I learned about Longship while I was doing an internship for a local company that installs draught systems, TapCraft, LLC. I was also working as a Spirits Advisor about one block away at the Mira Mesa BevMo. At first, I was offered a position to be a beertender on the weekends. After a while, I became a full-time employee and worked my way up to my current title of Events Manager at Longship Brewery.

Favorite part about working at Longship:

I get to meet new people and share my passion for craft beer with them. You get to learn a lot about people on this job and I really enjoy getting to do that on a daily basis. I’ve made a lot of new friends and the best part is, new people keep coming through the door every day.

Favorite moment at Longship:

During the anniversary party, I loved it when all of our VIP guests who bought a custom Anniversary Drinking Horn raised them high in celebration of this amazing event I was part of putting together. It felt great to organize an event all of our fans were enjoying so much.

Favorite beer at Longship and in San Diego:

It’s always hard to choose because we have so many different styles - but my favorite is the Leif Lager (Vienna Lager). It’s just a solid all-around beer that’s good at any time and any occasion.

Outside of Longship, my favorite beer in San Diego is the Electric Youth Coffee Pale Ale from Thunderhawk Alements in the Miralani Makers’ District.

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